Bath Bombs – Bath Cookies – Bath Fizzies

Putting a twist on the common bath bomb with style. We have Bath Cookies and they have Organic Butters in them and smell oh so divine. Add some spice of life to your bath and sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful scents we have for you.

We have them at a fabulous Introductory Price so grab a bargain.

Bath Cookies are moisturizing and fizzy for your bath, they fizz and crumble once added to water in your bath. They smell really nice and come in 6 different scents per bag and they have Shea and Cocoa butters in them to keep your skin silky soft. Each bag has approximately 400g of pure bathing fizzy bliss, each cookie is individually labelled and wrapped.

Scents are:

  • Vovacia – Black Raspberry and Vanilla,
  • Floral Bouquet
  • Strawberry Passion
  • Monkey Farts
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Rockin the stars

You can grab a bag of them here.

Aluminium Free Herbal Zinc Deodorants – Ban Synthetic Pits – Go Natural

Have you tried them all, what we mean is all the Natural Aluminium free deodorants out there and never had great success? Well we have the answer because ours really works and there are no undesirables in them too.

Take me to them right now or keep reading…

We have had reports of no armpit funk way after 48hours and some up to 5days with one application and it’s all natural, others out there have to be applied every couple of hours and the pits go a tad Ah La funky.

History on this: Well 8-9 yrs ago out of desperation with nothing natural that would work efficiently, we made our formula after a couple of yrs of testing. The body perspires naturally but does not stink. Why oh why, one might say all that bother? Well see Aluminium in any form (even the rock stuff it’s aluminium just taste it and you will see) on our pits and we get to experience a super crazy itchathon for hours it happens immediately after it hits the skin. Triclosan does a similar thing too.

Maybe this is a bit too much info but we know some of you will surely thank us.

We love our PD deo and won’t use anything else.

If you would like to check our Aluminium Free Aromatherapy Deodorant out here’s the link some of our customers get 6 months from one tin and when they are under the $10 mark that’s really cheap for peace of mind and not only that but they are good for you and you won’t stink.

P.S. Guess what? You can even use it on your feet too and anywhere else that sweats or chafes.

Aromatherapy Magnesium Bath Bombs

We have some fabulous new bath bombs that are all natural with Essential oils, Organic Butters and most of all Magnesium to soothe the muscles and refresh the body from whatever be it a day of hard work or a day of play. The size of these is around the 200 gram mark and they are the size of a baseball.

How this came about is we wanted to make a product that would really work, 1 huge bath bomb per bath and one that really works. These are quite strong and one may need only half a bath bomb in the bath even. They currently come in 8 different types:

Soothe Me - We have really gone over the top on this bath bomb. Enjoy a bath with the benefits of Aromatherapy to relax and calm. With carefully selected essential oils that Aromatherapists use and ingredients for soothing sensitive  skin. This bath bomb smells floral and powdery with chamomile just like our Goats Milk Royale Soap. There are also lashings of powdered oatmeal and goats milk which can help calm the skin. We have added Magnesium Chloride which comes from the Dead Sea to ensure you are getting the best of the best that we can make.

Aphrodesiac - Enjoy a bath with the benefits of Aromatherapy to relax and calm. With carefully selected essential oils that Aromatherapists use this bath bomb smells of floral rose with some deep notes from Rosewood and also Ylang Ylang and Bergamot the blend is really nice and we can picture scattered rose petals and some tea light candles around the bath when smelling this.

Detox – Superb for after indulging or when you feel just blah. Sodium Bicarbonate, Zea Mays (cornflour to soothe), Citric Acid, Magnesium Chloride, Pacific Sea Salt, Jojoba oil and essential oils of Juniper, Geranium, Rosemary and Lavender, dried botanicals

To check out the rest of the range click here for Feel Good, Stress Less, Pretty Woman, Sleepy Time and Secret Garden

We know you will love them because we do.